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Your endocrine system needs love. Hereit is in a bottleMaster Glandprovidesnutritionfor every gland inyourbody. It also helps support energyproduction and metabolism.Its gotessentialvitamins,minerals and electrolytesthat are proven to nourish glandular function, plusbioflavonoids for antioxidant support.Top it all off with a nutritious baseof premiumglandular-supportingbotanicals, including non-GMOdongquai, kelp,licorice and thyme.

  • Provides nutrientsforthe maintenance of theglandular system
  • Supportsenergy metabolism
  • Provides antioxidants for well-being
  • Featurestwo species of wild-harvestedkelp that are bothnon-GMO,organicand sustainably harvested
  • Containsessential minerals in an easily assimilated form
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Master Gland® supports the glandular system and body by providing dietary antioxidants such as vitamins A, C and E. Essential minerals and electrolytes complement these powerful antioxidants. For example, manganese and zinc are components of many enzymes that play roles in macronutrient metabolism. And pantothenic acid supports fatty acid metabolism. In this way, the formula promotes energy production and metabolism. Master Gland® also contains bioflavonoids for additional antioxidant support, and a terrific herbal base adds extra nutritional support. Alfalfa aerial parts have been used traditionally as a tonic. Dandelion root is widely used to support the liver and gallbladder. Some also use it for the maintenance of the pancreas. Dong quai has traditional uses that support women’s life cycles. Kelp provides trace minerals essential for the thyroid gland.Licorice and thyme support the respiratory system and the GI tract. Thyme has been traditionally used for menstrual cramps.

Our organic, non-GMO kelp grows on rocky shores in the North Atlantic. It is wild-harvested at Spring tide by skilled reapers who use small paddleboats and special rakes to protect the plant and its natural habitat. Their techniques ensure sustainability as they remove portions of the kelp without damaging the core of the algae.

Ancient Greeks and Romans were known to use licorice root for health benefits. And Traditional Chinese Medicines rely on licorice for respiratory, digestive and reproductive system support. Dong quai grows best in the mountains of China, Japan and Korea. This relative of celery, carrots and parsley has been used in TCM for thousands of years specifically for PMS and sexual energy. Dong quai has also been popular in Ayurveda. According to records, the Chinese have been eating kelp for more than 2,000 years! Today, the Japanese use 20+ different kelp species in their cooking, some of which they can trace back 1,400 years. Master Gland® features oarweed and knotted wrack. Oarweed grows up to 7 feet long. Knotted wrack has small strap-like fronds and egg-shaped air bladders that help it float. Chemist Roger J. Williams discovered pantothenic acid in 1931 while studying the B vitamin family.

Take 2 capsules with breakfast and 2 capsules with lunch daily.

Provides vitamin A, C, E, pantothenic acid, zinc and manganese per serving, plus potassium, licorice root, alfalfa aerial parts, asparagus stem extract, black walnut hulls, parsley leaves, parthenium root, thyme leaves, dandelion root, dong quai root, eleuthero root, kelp leaves and stem, lemon bioflavonoids, schizandra fruit, marshmallow root extract, uva ursi leaf and soy lecithin

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