Remember where you parked the car Hey, we all forget thingsfrom time to time.ButMind-MaxcanhelpItsupportsproper brain function, helpswith concentrationand aidsmemory.Featuringmagnesiuml-threonateplus time-honored botanicalsgotukola, bacopa andginkgo.To do our part for the earth, we partner with a vendor for non-GMO bacopa grown with harvested rainwater and solar-powered pumps.

  • Supportsproper brain function
  • Supports memory
  • Promotesconcentration
  • Features non-GMO verified, vegan bacopa leaf
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Mind-Max® contains magnesium l-threonate plus gotu kola aerial parts, bacopa leaf and ginkgo leaf—herbs well-known to benefit circulation and brain health—for a powerful brain boost. Between the ages of 20 and 90, the average person loses 5–10% of his/her brain weight, with an accompanying loss in memory, attention and other cognitive functions. Research shows that a decreased number of nerve synapses (the connections between nerve cells) may be responsible for this cognitive decline. Magnesium plays an essential role in nerve synapses. However, magnesium shortages have become common with the increase in processed foods and the lack of magnesium-rich whole foods in the diet. Moreover, most forms of magnesium are not well-absorbed by nervous tissue. Researchers at MIT have discovered that magnesium l-threonate, a highly absorbable form of magnesium, can easily cross the blood–brain barrier and that it increases the brain’s magnesium level.

Bacopa grows best in the warm, tropical regions of India. Our partner there focuses solely on this particular plant, cultivating the highest quality bacopa crop that is rich in phytochemicals and free from contaminants. Part of their earth-focused process includes utilizing harvested rainwater and solar-powered electrical pumps. Our bacopa leaf is non-GMO verified, certified vegan, and Kosher and Halal-certified.

Nature’s Sunshine originally launched Mind-Max® in 1994 but we reintroduced a more powerful version of this formula—with magnesium l-threonate—about a decade ago. Bacopa or brahmi is an adaptogenic herb used for centuries in Ayurvedic Medicine. Traditionally recommended for memory and stress, bacopa leaf has been studied for its potential use for focus, memory retention, learning and cognitive function. Its bacosides may account for many of its brain health benefits. The ginkgo tree is one of the oldest trees in the world! And ginkgo has been a big part of Chinese medicine for thousands of years. Today, this unique, fan-shaped leaf is used for its protective effects against oxidative stress. In many European countries, ginkgo is recommended for its brain-supporting benefits.

Take 3 capsules before breakfast and 3 capsules before bed.

Magnesium l-threonate, gotu kola aerial parts, bacopa leaf extract and ginkgo leaf

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