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Need relief from occasional stress Turn to the past for guidance. This powerful Chinese herbal blend supports emotional balance. Key ingredients have traditional useslike oyster shell calming and polygala for nervous system support. In Traditional Chinese Medicine TCM, its said to help calm a stressed fire constitution. Sounds perfect. Concentrated Chinese Stress Relief features ethically sourced botanicals grown by trusted farmers.

  • Traditionallyused tonourishthe nervous system
  • Traditionally used for optimizinggastric function
  • Provides adaptogenic herbs traditionally used for physical and emotional health
  • Historically used to supportcirculatory health
  • Sustainably sourced in partnership with local farmers
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Chinese Stress Relief TCM Concentrate contains the same combination of 14 herbs found in Chinese Stress Relief but in a highly concentrated blend. These herbs and natural substances are used in Traditional Chinese Medicine to support emotional balance and calm a stressed fire constitution. The Chinese call this formula an shen, which can be translated to mean “to pacify the spirit.” These herbs may help to nourish the nervous system and subsequently help improve gastric function and strengthen the urinary system. The key ingredients are oyster shell, haliotis shell and fushen. In Chinese medicine, oyster shell is considered to be calming and is used to relieve anxiety. Haliotis has properties similar to oyster shell. Oyster shell and haliotis are principally made of calcium carbonate, which may support gastric and circulatory health. Fushen is used in Chinese modalities as a stabilizingherb for restlessness and to relieve anger.

Our concentrated Chinese blends carefully follow the principles of ancient Chinese Medicine that have been practiced for more than two millennia. Stress Relief oran shen is designed to “pacify the spirit.” The good-for-you herbs in this formula were selected for their many beneficial properties.

For more than 35 years, we’ve partnered with the same incredible vendor to collaborate with farmers in traditional communities to bring only the finest herbs from China to the US. And we’ve conducted multiple on-site audits throughout the years to verify the quality of both their facility and herbs. Our farmers are deeply attached to the land they have lived on and worked for generations, and they practice regenerative farming methods to preserve it for future use.

This Traditional Chinese blend is a “fire reducing” combination to support emotional balance. According to TCM, fire controls emotional states, mood and blood circulation.

Silk tree bark, or albizzia, was named for Filippo Albizzia, a nobleman from Florence, who brought this plant to America in 1785.

Asian ginseng root has been famous for centuries as it benefits both mental and physical health. Traditionally ginseng root was eaten to boost memory, mood, concentration and endurance.

Polygala root has been used in TCM for 3,000 years! This plant grows throughout China, Korea, Mongolia and Russia on prairies and in the mountains. It was thought to help increase milk production in cattle, hence the name polygala or “much milk.”

Take 1 capsule with a meal daily. NOTE: Pregnant or lactating women should consult their health care provider prior to taking this supplement.

Concentrated extract of oyster shell, albizzia bark, polygonatum rhizome, haliotis shell, fushen sclerotium with root, acorus rhizome, curcuma root tuber, ginseng root, jujuba seed, polygala root, coptis rhizome, cinnamon twig, ginger rhizome and licorice root

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